Organizing Tips for Kitchen with Small Space

Although the kitchen is one of the most used places in any home, it is usually a despised place too. The reason is that it gets disorganized if we ignore to pay attention to it even for a small bit of time.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Trust me I am saying this for a reason. Organizing kitchen isn’t that difficult as many people think.

Storing spices, snacks and baking ingredients

The best way to store such items is to use the glass jars or other transparent containers. These are the frequently used items and, hence, need to be put in the quicker access. The medium or large sized glass jars can have enough of these items for quite a time.

Work on vertical kitchen storage

The wall space of the kitchens is usually not fully utilized. This is one of the reasons that most of the kitchens run of the storage, especially when there is a common tendency found among people to gather as much kitchen related items as they want. The enhanced vertical storage in this regard can help you manage all cutlery items of entire kitchen.

Wine rack for water bottles and thermoses

A wooden wine rack can have its best application in the kitchen. Organizing the loads of water bottles and thermoses in a way that they are kept in easy access is a challenge. The best way you can meet this challenge is to get a wine rack and use it for storing the bottles and thermoses. Since these racks can have bottles vertically as well as horizontally, you will get the bottles managed in the lesser space.

The lazy Suzan

Getting a jar from the last row in a cabinet is difficult. You may have to get a lot of bottles out form the way to get the particular one you need. The easiest solution is to install a lazy Suzan in the cabinet and place all of the bottles on it. With lazy Suzan, there is no last row. Just spin the dish and get the bottle you need.

Organizing glassware

The glassware of cylindrical shape can be organized well with the help of cardboard boxes with the cells inside it. In fact, the glasses come with these boxes. When you have them, don’t discard them. Furthermore, you can purchase such boxes from the stores that provide packaging and shipping supplies. Apart from helping in organizing glassware storage, these boxes keep the glasses away from the harm’s way.

Drawer organizing

Kitchen drawers are used to store small tools and cutlery. However, throwing everything in the drawer can make the items required at particular times to get lost in the other items. Use drawer dividers to store each type of items separately.

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